Archived Webinar - Online Speech Therapy for Students with Autism

Registration for this webinar has closed because all the seats have been filled. Please email to request a recorded version of the webinar.

Join Dr. Michelle Boisvert in a webinar that addresses the use of telepractice as an effective means of delivering speech and language services to individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities, such as autism. An evidence-based service delivery model using a series of single subject research designs will be reviewed to demonstrate the efficacy of telepractice compared to traditional on-site services. Use of this model within a university clinic will be illustrated. Common questions will be answered regarding the logistics of implementing a telepractice program within an educational based setting such as client and on-site team collaboration, on-site facilitator roles and responsibilities and ways in which telepractice meets mandates described in the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

  • Is this effective?
  • Is it compliant?
  • How does communication between therapist and schools work?
  • How does the facilitator work?
  • Are there success stories of online therapy?