Survey on Purchasing Apps/Curriculum

    Infiniteachis developing an innovative digital curriculum for students with autism. Based on Common Core Standards and best practice autism interventions, our curriculum would be available as an app for the iPad. The curriculum would enable teachers to create customized lessons based on each student's interests and cognitive level. Lessons include data collection and reporting, easing the process of tracking IEP goals for special education teachers and therapists. The app will also come with a free parent license so that teachers can send 'homework' lessons for the student to work on at home.

    We are currently in the process of programming this app, and hope to be offering beta test versions in the fall, with a full version available for purchase in the Spring of 2014.

    We need your help in understanding the best way to get this innovative product into the hands of teachers and school districts across the country. Please help us understand your purchasing preferences by completing
    this *very short* survey- with your help, we think we can make this an easily accessible, highly transformative resource for all students with autism.

    Survey link: