Nature magazine Articles on Autism

    Nature has a supplement out with a number of articles on autism. 10 articles in the “outlook” section are available online for free

    Herb Brody
    Nature 491, S1 (01 November 2012)

    Epidemiology: Complex disorder
    Virginia Hughes
    Nature 491, S2–S3 (01 November 2012)

    Genetics: Searching for answers
    Sarah C. P. Williams
    Nature 491, S4–S6 (01 November 2012)

    Child development: The first steps
    Katherine Bourzac
    Nature 491, S7–S9 (01 November 2012)

    Adulthood: Life lessons
    Lindsay Borthwick
    Nature 491, S10–S11 (01 November 2012)

    Diagnosis: Redefining autism
    Emily Singer
    Nature 491, S12–S13 (01 November 2012)

    Treatments: In the waiting room
    Michael Eisenstein
    Nature 491, S14–S16 (01 November 2012)

    Perspective: Imaging autism
    Nicholas Lange
    Nature 491, S17 (01 November 2012)

    Culture: Diverse diagnostics
    Sarah DeWeerdt
    Nature 491, S18–S19 (01 November 2012)

    Perspective: Brain scans need a rethink
    Ben Deen Kevin Pelphrey
    Nature 491, S20 (01 November 2012)

    The articles are written for a general audience and cover issues ranging fromchanges with the DSM 5 to possible artifacts in brain imaging studies to cultural aspects of autism. The articles are relatively short and accessible. Some were written by researchers (e.g. Perspective: Brain scans need a rethink) and some by science writers (e.g. Epidemiology: Complex disorder, by Virginia Hughes, one of my favorite writers). For people looking for a little more on what is going on in autism research but not looking for technical papers, this is a great resource.