Archived Webinars

Approaches to Training Healthcare Providers on Working with Patients with Disabilities - This webinar was co-sponsored by AUCD's Health and Disability Special Interest Group (SIG) and the Alliance for Disability in Health Care Education. Presenters in this webinar share their approaches to "making the case" for, designing, and implementing training for healthcare providers on working with patients with disabilities.

Weight Loss for Individuals with Disabilities - Expert guest speakers Richard and Muriel Saunders from the University of Kansas speak on effective weight loss plans in overweight adults with disabilities. This webinar will go into detail about methods, results and lessons learned in creating an effective weight loss program. These research-based programs have been proven to have great success in helping people with disabilities to keep the weight off and decrease obesity-prone health disparities. Richard and Muriel discuss barriers to eating healthy and strategies to increase consciousness of making healthier long-term eating decisions and how to track that progress.

Barriers to Physical Activity in Individuals with ID - Dr. James Rimmer, Director of the Lakeshore Foundation/University of Alabama at Birmingham Research Collaborative speaks on the different barriers and improvements in physical activity in individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD). He has been developing and overseeing physical activity programs for people with disabilities for over thirty years. Many studies have found that being overweight is highly prevalent in adults with IDD. He explores factors that play a role in reduced physical activity and discuss lifestyle choices and organizational change to improve the health of people with IDD.