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Indian Education Contacts

Mandy Smoker Broaddus Mandy Smoker Broaddus
Director of Indian Education, 406.444.3013

Natalie RoweNatalee Hawks,
Title III Indian Education Specialist., 406.444.3482

Mike Jetty Mike Jetty
Indian Education Specialist, 406.444.0720

Jennifer Jennifer Stadum
Indian Education Implementation Specialist, 406.444.0725

Stephen MorsetteStephen Morsette
Indian Education Implementation Specialist, 406.444.0754

Sarah PierceSarah Pierce
American Indian Student Achievement Specialist, 406.444.0708

Donnie Wetzel, JrDon Wetzel, Jr.
Statewide Youth & Community Outreach Coordinator, 406.444.4527

Joan FrankeJoan Franke
Administrative Assistant, 406.444.3694

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On Site Professional Development

School Visits, District PIR Days, Presentations and Conferences...

  • History and overview of legal, ethical and instructional facets of Indian Education for All
  • Essential Understandings regarding MT Indians
  • Ideas for curriculum integration
  • Extra time may be requested for exploration of IEFA curriculum resources
  • Recommended time: 2– 4 hrs or 2 – 4 hour-long sessions
  • Supporting content standards with best-practice instruction
  • Levels of integration (Banks, et al)
  • Content and grade-level specific resources and ideas
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Demonstrating/modeling IEFA lesson plans
  • Recommended time: 2– 4 hrs or 2 – 4 hour-long sessions
  • Mascots, media stereotypes
  • Current Events   i.e.  natural resources and economic development issues
  • Tribal sovereignty issues
  • Recommended time: 2 hrs or 2 hour-long sessions
  • Literature by and about American Indians to
    support standards-based instruction
  • Grade-level and content specific suggestions
  • Evaluation criteria, selecting and using quality literature
  • Resources for locating and purchasing materials
  • Recommended time: 2 hrs or 2 hour-long sessions
  • Learn to use the PlaceNames curriculum (Grade 6, adaptable)
  • Salish ˜ Pend d'Oreille worldview, sense of place
  • integrates Science, Communication Arts, Technology, and Social Studies
  • Rationale, policy review
  • Funding/accountability
  • Supporting teachers’ IEFA instruction
  • IEFA and multicultural education theory
  • Rationale, policy review
  • Supporting teachers’ IEFA instruction
  • Funding/accountability
  • Recognizing cultural lenses,  shifting attitudes
8. IEFA awareness for community groups, general public
9. Facilitating partnerships between local educators and cultural experts
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