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Application Materials for Montana Career and Technical Educators

Requirements for Montana Class 4 Educator Licensure

Apply for a Class... If you have... And can document, as verified by employers, a minimum of...
4A A Montana Class 1 or 2 Teaching License 10,000 hours (5 years) of work experience in EACH of the areas requested for endorsement. This license is issued to candidates who have worked in these industries, and have work experience in the field. Your application will not be approved if you cannot document the required experience.
4B A bachelor's or master's degree
4C No degree, but a high school diploma or GED

Applicants for the Class 4 Career and Technical License must provide documentation of work experience including all or most of the skills required for each endorsement totaling 10,000 hours (5 years or more). Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Verification of Work Experience Form(s) (page 3 of the application), completed by as many employers as necessary to document the skills as well as the length of time employed. Job duties must be clearly outlined by the employer.
  • For self-employed candidates, Profit/Loss tax statements or other documentation of the existence of a business, making it clear that the applicant was part of the business.
  • For Health Occupations and Computer Information Systems, an industry standard certificate or license AND evidence of an internship or apprenticeship combined with work experience.
  • Teaching experience in the endorsement area may be included, and will be evaluated at the time of application.
  • A resume or other documents, including examples of work projects may be helpful if the work experience from employers is not clear and are recommended.

**It is incumbent on the applicant to provide appropriate and complete documentation of their work history. In most instances, the application and work experience will be reviewed by the appropriate Specialist in the Career and Technical and Adult Education Division to ensure that the applicant's work experience is appropriate for the requested endorsement.

Choose an area of endorsement and review the list of required work experience areas.