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AIM MT Edition Fall Trainings


The OPI AIM staff, in conjunction with Infinite Campus, is offering Montana Edition trainings for school district staff. These trainings are divided into three tracks: 1) Regional trainings, 2) Refresher Core trainings conducted via WebEx (both live and recorded) and, 3) Value-Added trainings. These trainings are offered at no cost to AIM MT Edition district users.

It is recommended that your district plan to send either the AIM System Administrator or Infinite Campus District Contact to one of the regional trainings or views the online recorded session. Other district staff may participate in the online refresher core trainings. The Montana Edition Value-Added trainings are not required. Only districts who want to use or learn more about the functionality of additional tools should attend.


Regional Trainings

The regional trainings will focus on new policies and procedures specific to the 2009-2010 school year. The trainings will reinforce and expand upon the initial Montana Edition trainings. It is geared toward users who are already familiar with the AIM system. These trainings will be conducted September 14-17 and September 21-24 throughout the state. To register, click on the following link: Determine the location you want and follow the online instructions. A recorded version of this training will also be available.

Refresher Core Trainings

The refresher core trainings will provide a general overview of basic functionality, including navigation, census, and state reporting within the AIM system (a condensed version of the original Montana Edition trainings). These trainings are recommended for new AIM users.

Value-Added Trainings

The Montana Edition value-added trainings will give specific instructions about using the additional tools in the system (that are not required for state reporting). Topics for these trainings include calendar administration, scheduling, ad hoc reporting, behavior, enrollment, grading, creating custom tabs, standards setup, instruction reports, attendance, immunizations, photo import/export, programs, records transfer, portal, student locator, staff tracking, and user notices.

The live online WebEx trainings (refresher core and value-added trainings) will begin August 31st and run through October. The self-paced pre-recorded WebEx sessions will be available after August 31st, and will be accessible throughout the year. Courses are offered at multiple times, and there is no commitment to take additional courses. Sign up for only those you want. Registration begins August 25th. If courses fill up, additional live sessions may be added.

The registration for refresher and value-added trainings will be managed through Infinite Campus University (ICU), the same as the End of Year trainings. New users will need to register and receive an ICU account. Instructions can be found at: . Register for courses at Infinite Campus University:

The complete course listing for classes at Infinite Campus University is available on the AIM Webpage, as well as training details and registration instructions. To view these materials, lick on the following link:

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the AIM Helpdesk at 1-877-424-6681 (1-877-4AIMMT1) or email

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