AIM End of Year Average Daily Attendance (ADA), Graduate & Dropout Reporting due

Monday, September 9, 2013
By Linda Atwood

The AIM End of Year collection asks district AIM specialists to complete data entry for summer graduates and 2012-13 dropouts, and modify enrollment end status for reenrolled/no-show students.  Additionally, to calculate ADA specialists are asked to enter the number of days a student was present and the number of days a student was enrolled for every student enrollment record in 2012‐13.  Detailed instructions for this collection are posted on the AIM website in the, "Average Daily Attendance Collection" Guide and the "End of Year Collection" Guide and the "Graduate Cohort and Dropout Verification" guide.


Questions regarding this collection should be directed to the AIM Helpdesk at 1- 877- 4AIMMT1 (1-877-

424-6681), 406-444-3800, or email

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