2013 Advocacy Award for Excellence in IEFA

Thursday, December 6, 2012
By Julie Saylor

2013 Advocacy Award for Excellence in IEFA


The Indian Education Division at the Office of Public Instruction is soliciting nominations for an important opportunity – the 2nd Advocacy Award for Excellence in Indian Education for All, in honor of one of Montana’s finest educators, Teresa Veltkamp. Teresa was a classroom teacher and Indian Education Specialist at OPI who was passionate and inspirational in her efforts to ensure and support the highest levels of implementation of Indian Education for All in Montana.


Please give K-12 consideration to this opportunity to acknowledge and honor an outstanding educator’s efforts in the promotion of and steadfast support for Indian Education for All. The nominee should be an exceptionally skillful, dedicated teacher who has earned the respect of students and colleagues.


Please address the following guidelines in your letter of nomination:


·         Nominee (position, school, contact information)


·         Nominator(s) – contact information


·         Description of leadership and involvement in Indian Education for All


·         How has the nominee broadened his/her knowledge of Montana tribes?


·         How has the nominee influenced or impacted his/her learning community (student, colleagues, and community members)?


·         What instructional strategies does he/she use to effectively integrate Indian Education for All in teaching?


·         How does he/she create an inclusive classroom environment?


The object is to describe how this individual provides exceptional support and leadership in Indian Education in his/her community.

Letters of support can derive from peers, students, administrators and/or community members – PLEASE INCLUDE A MINIMUM OF THREE LETTERS.


Provide any supporting documentation available, e.g. student work, photo documentation, newsletters, etc.


Send nomination letters and above requested supporting documentation by email, fax or regular mail to Joan Franke by January 17, 2013:




Fax 406-444-3924


Joan Franke

OPI Indian Education

PO Box 202501

Helena, MT 59620


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