MONTANA MOSAIC User Guides Now Online

by Julie Saylor

The Montana Historical Society has posted a user guide for the DVD Montana Mosaic: 20th Century People and Events online. The user guide includes a Synopsis, Post-viewing Discussion Questions, Vocubulary Terms, Additional Resources, Content Standards, and Essential Understandings for each of the chapters.

For those of you who do not know about this DVD--it is a great supplement to any study of twentieth-century Montana. Twelve short episodes, ranging from 15 to 25 minutes, discuss significant issues in Montana history with the following chapters providing information specific to Indian Education For all:

Ch. 4 "Dislocation/Relocation"
This 17-minute video describes the boarding school experience of Native American children during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. To fulfill their assimilationist mission, these schools undermined Indian culture while insisting on the superiority of non-Indian culture. The video traces the effects of the boarding schools on Indian children and Indian culture and their lingering legacy in Montana.

Ch. 6 "Federal Indian Policy"
This 19-minute video examines the changes in federal government policy toward American Indians in the second half of the twentieth century. Focusing on the story of one particular family [the Juneau family], the video looks at the relocation program of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the effects the relocation program had on American Indian identity. The video touches on the events surrounding and leading up to the formation of the American Indian Movement along with the movement's goals. Interviewees talk about their continuing commitment to shape the federal policy and to regain control over their tribe's futures.

Ch. 11 "The Arts and Humanities in Montana"This 18-minute video discusses the influence Montana's natural beauty has had on the arts. Montana's landscape provides inspiration for artists of all media. In turn, their work reflects these artists' individual understandings of what it means to be a Montanan. This video can be viewed as two shorter segments if desired. Segment 1 (11:35) focuses on the ceramic art of the Archie Bray foundation in Helena. Segment 2 (5:50) focuses on the paintings of Browning, Montana, local, Ernie Pepion (1944-2005).

The Montana Historical Society donated copies of Montana Mosaic to every school library. It is also available as streaming video. Access both the video and the user guide here:

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