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Traffic Education: Curriculum Guide and Instructional Resources

Information and Conditions – Please Read

These 20 instructional modules provide resources to meet the Standards and Benchmarks for Montana Teen Driver Education and Training. Each module contains lesson plans, one or more PowerPoint presentations, videos, fact sheets and worksheets.

Tests and quizzes are not available online but are available to traffic education teachers upon request.

This material is the property of the State of Montana. It was developed in 2006 with funding from the Highway Traffic Safety Office of the Montana Department of Transportation for educational use and distribution. In 2012, a curriculum revision project was initiated. Several modules are updated or newly added. The State of Montana assumes no responsibility for modified documents

Commercial resale of materials is strictly prohibited. However, charges may be made for cost of reproduction of materials, and other governmental agencies may, with written permission from the Montana Office of Public Instruction, adapt the Traffic Education materials and should acknowledge the State of Montana as developers and owners.