Office of the Superintendent

OPI Legislative Proposals

Monday, December 3, 2012, 9:13 am

The Superintendent of Public Instruction has requested eight bills for the 2013 legislative session. The OPI bills are as follows:

LC 181 (Sen. Robyn Driscoll)  - Increase K-12 BASE Aid

This proposal increases the basic and per ANB entitlements by 0.89% in FY 2014 and by 2.08% in FY 2015 and provides the basic entitlement to each school rather than each school district. It also provides inflationary increases for the quality educator payment, Indian education for all payment, the American Indian achievement gap payment, and the at-risk student payment.

Total biennial cost: $58 M ($47 for present law adjustment and $11.3 M for new proposal. The cost of just the basic entitlement per school is $6.7 M, which is included in the $11.3 M.)

LC 180 (Sen. Greg Jergeson) - Increase reimbursement rates for pupil transportation

This proposal amends 20-10-141 and 142, MCA to increase the statutory mileage reimbursement rates for school buses and individual transportation contracts. This bill will coordinate with OPI’s budget request to increase state transportation reimbursements by $9 million annually using the general fund savings from the 2011 legislature’s reallocation of oil and natural gas production taxes to the guarantee account. Total biennial cost: $18 M

SB 13 (Sen. David Wanzenreid)  - Raise legal dropout age to 18 or upon graduation

This proposal raises the legal dropout age. The legislation requires students to attend school until the earlier of 18 years of age, upon high school graduation, or upon satisfaction of the requirements for equivalency of completion of secondary education. The proposal provides an exception from compulsory enrollment for a student who is at least 16 years of age, has withdrawn from school, and has enrolled in an adult basic education program, the Montana Youth Challenge program, a Montana job corps program, an accredited post-secondary program, or a registered apprenticeship program.  Total biennial cost: $ 2.1 M  (OPI estimates that 244 students each year will stay in high school.)

LC 178 (Rep. Jesse O’Hara)  - Revise funding allocations for Career and Vocational/Technical Education

This proposal changes the allocation of state funding for K-12 career and vocational/technical education programs to provide more resources to support approved career and technical student organizations and expand their mission to reach more students to increase graduation rates.

Total biennial cost: $ 1.0 M

SB 14 (Sen. David Wanzenreid)  - Provide ANB funding for 19 year olds

This proposal includes 19 year olds in the school district enrollment used for determining the district’s average number belonging (ANB), thereby providing resources and incentives to school districts to keep students in school until the student can meet graduation requirements. Total biennial cost: $ 1.2 M  (Approximately 110 students/year)

LC 176 (Rep. Edie McClafferty)  - Provide state support to encourage concurrent enrollment opportunities

This proposal reimburses school districts for the cost of tuition and fees incurred on behalf of a student who is concurrently enrolled in high school and postsecondary for college level course work and credits. The bill also provides funding for career counseling services and for incentives for high school teachers to become eligible to teach college level courses.

Total biennial cost: $1,000,000

LC 174 (Rep. Kimberly Dudik) - Clarify the difference between a student’s permanent education record and other student information

This proposal clarifies which information must remain in a student’s permanent record (as required by the Board of Public Education) and which information is subject to state record retention laws. Total biennial cost: none

LC 173 (Rep. Bill McChesney) -School Finance clean up legislation

This proposal coordinates and "clean-up" sections of Title 20, MCA that raise problems for the implementation of school finance laws. Total biennial cost: none

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