Office of the Superintendent

State Superintendent Names 40 Students to Advisory Board

Monday, November 1, 2010, 1:17 pm

Superintendent Denise Juneau has selected a cross-section of Montana high school students to be part of the first-ever State Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board.  The Student Advisory Board (SAB) consists of 40 students from 31 Montana high schools and represents 142,082 Montana K-12 students.  The first meeting of the advisory board will be on November 12 at Carroll College in Helena. These students will provide a much-needed student perspective on state policy, such as Graduation Matters Montana, and help guide the K-12 education system into the future.


The State Superintendent has launched an initiative called "Graduation Matters Montana" to increase the number of Montana high school graduates.  The impacts dropping out of high school are extreme – for the student and for Montana’s economy – costing the citizens of Montana millions of dollars annually in lost income and increased public costs. Teachers and schools cannot solve the problem alone: it will take parents, businesses, students, civic groups and others working together to make a positive difference.


The goals of Graduation Matters Montana are to increase the rate of Montana students graduating from high school ready for college and the 21st century workforce; establish a support network between schools, businesses, and community organizations for student success; and create school-based and community-based opportunities to inspire students to stay in school and graduate.


At the Office of Public Instruction, we are well aware of the seriousness of young people not receiving a high school diploma and believe that students are an important voice in helping schools to better address this issue.  We look forward to hearing student voices at the state policy level.

For more information, contact Deb Halliday, policy advisor, 406-444-3559