Special Education

Montana Autism Education Project

Thursday, September 5, 2013, 1:42 pm

Consultation and Training from the OPI Montana Autism Education Project (MAEP)

MAEP offers free consultations and/or trainings to school that have students with an autism spectrum disorder. The consultations can be for individual students or to review a classroom as whole. We offer a wide variety of trainings on autism spectrum disorders and can customize them to meet the needs of each school or district. If you would like to arrange a consultation visit for a student with autism or a training related to autism spectrum disorders, please contact Doug Doty, 459-5303

 Free Online Autism Training from the OPI Montana Autism Education Project

 The online autism training consists of twenty hours of watching a short video of a real-life situation, then answering a few questions to show knowledge of the concepts. This training addresses instructional control, introduction to autism spectrum disorders, teaching new behaviors and more. The training is available online 24/7 for three months from the start of the subscription. The next round of subscriptions will start in mid-October.  You can request a subscription to the online autism training here.  If you have questions about the online training please contact Doug Doty, 459-5303

 OPI Montana Autism Education Project Blog and Newsletter

 The MAEP has an autism blog, which can be found here. The blog is searchable for information about curriculum, webinars, Aspergers etc. The MAEP also has a blog with information about educational iPad apps for students with various learning difficulties. The MAEP also sends out a monthly newsletter with upcoming trainings, recent autism news and resources and links to upcoming and archived webinars on autism. You can subscribe to the MAEP Newsletter here.

For more information, contact Doug Doty, 459-5303