Special Education

Important Reminder Regarding Post-School Survey

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 9:35 am

The deadline to submit this survey is September 30, 2010.


This a reminder for those schools who have not yet finished submitting all the survey information for the post-school data collection and reporting.  Please remember that completion of this survey data directly impacts the level of determination designation for the district as based on providing timely and accurate data.


In February 2011, the OPI will be required to provide valid and reliable post-school outcome data on youth who had IEPs, are no longer in secondary school and who have been competitively employed, enrolled in some type of post-secondary school, or both, within one year of leaving high school. Post-school outcome data need to be collected before September 30 for students with disabilities who left school during the 2008-2009 school year. School leavers are students who exited by graduating with a diploma, reached maximum age, received a certificate of completion, or dropped out. 


An electronic application has been developed into which you can enter your district's survey information.  The address to access the program, which will be closed until August 1, is:




Log in using the current high school district or school user name and password mailed by the OPI to district authorized representatives (Citrix user name and password).  Passwords are changed periodically, so if you encounter problems logging in, check with your superintendent to be sure the most current password is being used.  If you still have problems, call the OPI Help Desk at 406-444-3448.


If Special Education Cooperative personnel are completing surveys for multiple high schools, they will need to obtain each high school's username and password.


The application will be pre-populated with the list of Special Education students leaving school during the 2008-2009 school year. 


A survey for each student listed must be submitted.  Options are included under "Contact Results" for students that you are unable to reach.


The application is self-explanatory.  As you progress through the survey, your responses trigger which questions are activated.  When the survey is complete, click submit. A Post-School Survey Instruction Manual is available on the Web site.


It may take repeated attempts to contact a former student or person who can provide information to complete the survey.  Please make your best effort to contact as many listed students as possible.  Districts have found that phone contacts to the student and or parent provided the best results.  You may choose, however, to mail surveys or use other survey collection methods. 


Completion of this survey data directly impacts the level of determination designation for the district as based on providing timely and accurate data.


Part B funds may be used for this activity.


The OPI is committed to limiting the scope of the survey to the minimum required to meet the federal reporting requirements.

For more information, contact Dick Trerise, 444-1579