Measurement and Accountability

AIM Test Window Collections

Monday, February 24, 2014, 2:10 pm

There are three student data collections that start in March.  Districts should verify their data for each collection by the ‘due date’ specified in the ‘AIM Data Collection Schedule’.  Please refer to the reference guide links provided for each collection.

Please note: There has been an update to the AIM Data Collection Schedule for the ‘end date’ of the Spring CTE Collection to be 4/30/14. Follow this link to view the AIM Collection Schedule:

AIM Collection Schedule.pdf

 In addition to these three data collections it is also important that districts check their Special Ed. Data now and make sure all COMPLETED IEPs are LOCKED.  This needs to be done by no later than March 7th as, OPI staff will be using this data as part of a snapshot process.

 A) The Test Window Program Participation Collection: From Monday, March 3rd - Friday, March 21st.

Districts should verify the following data items for this collection as of 3/11/14:

  • Enrollment: especially entry and exit dates
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Programs:  Migrant, LEP, Meal Status, Homeless, Title 1, Gifted & Talented, 21st Century, Immigrant, 504, SES, Foreign Exchange

Follow this link to view the reference guide:

Test Window Program Participation Collection.pdf

B) The Test Window Attendance Collection: From Tuesday, March 11th - Friday, March 21st

Districts should verify their aggregate hours and absence data for all students enrolled on 3/11/14.  Follow this link to view the reference guide:

Test Window Attendance Collection.pdf

C) The Spring CTE Collection: From Monday, March 3rd - Wednesday, April 30th.

Districts should identify their twelfth grade CTE Concentrators and enter concentration area data.  Follow this link to view the reference guide:

Spring CTE Collection.pdf

Here are some additional reminders:

  1. Aggregate Hours update for districts using AIM ‘MT Edition’ – OPI staff will be uploading the Aggregate hours for those districts that gave OPI permissions earlier in the year.
  2. Aggregate Hours update for districts using AIM/Infinite Campus as their Student System – These districts can use the process referred to ‘method #4’ on the ‘Test Window Attendance’ quick reference guide.
  3.  Montana Youth ChalleNGe – students should be enrolled in the appropriate grade level and a record entered on the ‘Flags’ tab indicating the Start Date of the Youth ChalleNGe program.  If the student has left the Youth ChalleNGe program, the district needs to end the record on the Flags tab.  Students at the Youth ChalleNGe program should have full-time aggregate hours indicated in their enrollment.
  4.  Montana Digital Academy – students enrolled ONLY in MTDA courses should have the hours calculated as if the student were in an equivalent district course (DO NOT INCLUDE PASSING TIME).  Example:  One MTDA math course = 1 district math course (55 minutes per class x 180 days = 165 hours or N: 0-179 Aggregate Hours).

For more information, contact AIM Help Desk, 1-877-424-6681