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AIM Winter Attendance Collection - Count Date is December 2, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013, 4:15 pm

The Winter Attendance Collection begins Monday, December 2 and ends Friday, December 13. This is a new collection.  The 2013 Montana State Legislature added a third annual count of students for school funding purposes.  Districts will need to report winter count date aggregate hours for all students enrolled on 12/2/2013.  After entering aggregate hours in AIM, districts will need to submit the data to Maefairs similar to the process used for the Fall and Spring collections.  American Indian (AI) student counts are not submitted to Maefairs as part of the Winter collection.  Only the October/Fall collection is used for determining the number of AI students for the student achievement gap (SAG) payment.  However, the October AI counts need to be finalized by December 31.   Therefore, you may want to review the October American Indian counts when submitting the Winter Attendance Collection to Maefairs.

Here is a link to the AIM reference guide for completing the Winter Attendance Collection:

For more information, contact AIM Help Desk, 1 877 424 6681