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School Staffing Project Update

Monday, April 30, 2012, 3:53 pm

New System for Educator Licensure

The Montana State Educator Information System (MSEIS) for educator licensure will be implemented at the end of May 2012. The system will automate and improve many tasks related to licensing educators.  Representatives from postsecondary educator preparation programs will use this new system to recommend teaching candidates for licensure. School district personnel will have greater electronic access to the educator licensure system, including a feature for school administrators to inform licensure staff when schools are trying to hire someone with a pending licensure application.


Assignment of School Employee Identifiers (SEID)

Montana school districts will begin reporting salary and benefit information for each school employee for the 2012-13 school year. As part of the set-up for this collection, districts will need to submit requests to OPI to generate identifiers for school district employees. The data elements that will be required for each district employee include Social Security Number (SSN), First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth, and Gender. The SSN will be stored by OPI in a secure, encrypted format and will be used only for the purpose of generating the SEID. Once the SEID is assigned, any data collections associated with an employee will be reported using the employee identifier and not the SSN.


OPI staff understand the sensitive nature of collecting the social security numbers of school employees and will comply with state laws governing the management of SSNs. OPI has made the decision to collect SSNs because the agency will be reporting salary and benefit information, and it is critical that SEIDs are correctly assigned to employees. Collecting the SSN will greatly improve the reliability and validity of OPI’s processes for assigning the SEID. 


TEAMS – Terms of Employment, Accreditation, and Master Schedule

The OPI is developing another module of the MSEIS system, named Terms of Employment, Accreditation, and Master Schedule (TEAMS).  TEAMS will fulfill a number of new and anticipated reporting requirements in addition to replacing the existing Annual Data Collection (ADC). Beginning in 2012-13, districts will be required to submit updates multiple times per year. 


Component 1: Terms of Employment

In the Terms of Employment collection, districts will report information on the employment status of each employee of the district. The data elements include position code, FTE portion, base salary, employment start and end dates, total annual days and hours, Full-time/Part-time status, and permanent/temporary status. This information is likely to be drawn from the district’s human resource management system. OPI will collect this information in September of each school year and at fiscal year-end.   

The list of school employee position codes is posted at:  


Component 2: Accreditation

A component of the TEAMS module that will be familiar to school districts is the Accreditation component. This component will include questions regarding compliance with the Montana School Accreditation Standards.


Component 3: Master Schedule

Once the Terms of Employment are submitted, school districts will enter or upload Master Schedule information. The Master Schedule collection includes information on course catalog, teaching assignments at the class level, and class rosters of students. The collection will cover the course offerings for the full school year and include reporting related to:

·         Session Type Code (full-year, semester, trimester, etc.)

·         Delivery mode (classroom, distance learning, resource services, etc.)

·         Credits

·         Course sequencing, to indicate if there are dependencies for the order that is required for students to take a class  

·         Academic rigor (special education, general education, advanced placement, etc.)

OPI will collect this information in October, February, and June of each school year.


K-12 Course Codes and Mapping Tool

Beginning in the fall 2012, schools/districts will submit course information using new K-12 Course Codes and then link courses to the teachers and students assigned to these courses.  New 5-digit codes replace the existing 4-digit codes that are currently used for OPI’s Annual Data Collection. The new codes tie to specific course content within a subject area.


The OPI K-12 Course Codes are not intended to replace local course codes and names, course content descriptions, or section ids.  Districts will need to compare the content for each local course to the course descriptions in the OPI K-12 Course Code list, find the best match, and record the OPI code in the local student information system.


To prepare for using the new course codes in 2012-13, OPI has created a K-12 Course Code Mapping Tool for districts to map their local course codes to the K-12 Course Codes. This is an optional tool for districts to use to facilitate the mapping process. Again, districts do not need to replace their local course codes, but they do need to map them to the K-12 Course Codes. This process needs to be completed by districts prior to the submission of school personnel assignment information in October 2012.


With this mapping tool, districts will be able to save their work and make revisions as needed over the next several months. Districts will be able to save these mappings to a spreadsheet and import them into their local Student Information System or manually input them.


The OPI’s K-12 Course Code Mapping Tool and User Guide are located at:


School Employee Salary and Benefit Information

Beginning in the fall of 2013, OPI will collect salary and benefit information for each school employee. This collection will be incorporated into the Trustees Financial Summary (TFS) in MAEFAIRS.  Districts will upload or enter actual expenditure information, by employee (SEID), for salaries and benefits.  OPI is finalizing and will soon release a list of valid expenditure codes for reporting salary and benefit information. Please stay tuned for more details on this collection.


The OPI is developing a webpage where we will post updates to the school staffing collection schedules, file formats, links, and other helpful guidance:

For more information, contact Kellee English, 406-444-1625