Measurement and Accountability

School Staffing Project

Monday, January 3, 2011, 5:04 pm

The OPI School Staffing Project has completed a Request for Proposal (RFP) detailing the requirements for a new Teacher Preparation and Educator Licensure information system which focuses on automating existing practices.  The RFP has been reviewed by the School Staffing Leadership Team and was submitted to Procurement for their review.  The RFP release is scheduled for Janaury 2011.

Requirements gathering continue for the reporting of personnel assignments in school districts.  The development effort is planned to be addressed by in-house resources.

The pilot project to collect salary and benefit information about teachers, administrators, specialists, and paraprofessionals employed in public school districts continue with two Montana-based accounting vendors and 20 school districts.  The OPI has partnered with these vendors to collect the appropriate salary and benefit information from school districts statewide. 

A State Educator Identifier (SEID) has been assigned to each educator for the pilot project.  The proposed link between teacher preparation and licensure, employment, personnel assignments and compensation, salary and benefits systems for a Montana educator is being drafted to allow exchange of data among systems.         

For more information, contact Sharon Krzemien, 444-1641