Information Technology Services


Monday, October 31, 2011, 1:53 pm

The GEMS project has finalized the planning phase and development of the warehouse architecture and the 'Student Achievement' data domain are underway. 


The 'Student Achievement' domain will include student level data such as CRT and CRT Alt results, ELP Assessment results, AYP, NAEP, GED, Graduation rates and College Entrance Tests. 


The GEMS web portal (both public and secure), business intelligence tools, security and 'Student Achievement' reports and dashboards will go through an extensive User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process in early December.  


The "kick-off" of the 'Student Achievement' domain will take place at the 2012 Assessment and Data Conference.  At the conference there will be a keynote speaker from Microsoft that will present on data warehousing and how it relates to educational data.  We will also have breakout sessions regarding the presentation of assessment data, analyzing assessment data and training on how to use the GEMS data warehouse. 


The public portal of GEMS will only display aggregate data and will include the SB329 required District/School Profile.  The secure portal will provide access to disaggregated student level data to those who are granted those permissions at their respective district/school.  On or around December 2, 2011, Authorized Representatives (AR's) at each district will receive a letter from the OPI which will provide a list of suggested staff and user access roles available to grant to them.  The AR will indicate which access should be granted for each staff member and send it back to the OPI.  Once the authorization letter is received back, those staff will be notified via email that they have been granted access to the secure portion of the GEMS data warehouse.   


GEMS staff members have been giving updates and presentations at various conferences and meetings such as MCEL and MEA-MFT.  If you would like to arrange a presentation at one of your meetings or conferences please contact the GEMS Project Manager, Jamey Ereth to coordinate. 


For more information, contact Jamey Ereth, 444-4409