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Teen Driver Education and Training Curriculum updates

Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 2:53 pm

The Traffic Education Office, with the help of our teacher-led curriculum committee, is making good progress on updating the curriculum modules for state-approved driver education courses.  The following modules have updated presentations and other materials, and are available to download for use in the classroom. 

  • Module 3.5 Limited Spaces
  • Module 4.1 Natural Laws
  • Module 4.2 Curves and Hills
  • Module 5.3 Protecting Occupants

Only the pre-tests are included online. If you are an approved traffic education instructor and need the tests that go with each of the modules, please contact the Traffic Education Office to request a flash drive with the updated curriculum modules.

For more information, contact Fran Penner-Ray, 406.444.4396