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Professional Development for Educators on Nutrition Education

Sunday, May 1, 2011, 8:54 pm

There are two on-line graduate level courses being offered for educators on nutrition education through MSU Extended University this summer.  These classes can assist teachers will background information and teaching strategies surrounding nutrition education.


HDFN 524-01: Teaching Adolescent Nutrition (2 hour)


Nutrition habits of children and teens are known to have an impact on their present and future health, their ability to learn and physical performance (athletics). However, many of these young people are not making the grade nutritionally. Throughout this course teachers will investigate various content areas applicable to adolescent nutrition and discuss if and how a School Wellness Policy can influence these nutrition topics. Selected classroom resources, which engage the student and provide for experiential learning, will be highlighted for all content areas.


HDFN 580-01: Food and Nutrition Across the Elementary Curriculum (1 hour)


This class will help to enhance an educator’s personal understanding of food and nutrition concepts and issues, and provide exposure to hands-on activities and lesson-plans appropriate across disciplines in the elementary classroom. It will also increase one’s knowledge and resources concerning a district level School Wellness Committee and enhance understanding of "Farm to School" and the role of school gardens in the elementary curriculum.


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