School Finance

FY2015 Out-of-District Transportation and Attendance Agreements (FP-14)

Friday, May 23, 2014, 11:27 am

When a student attends a school outside of his or her resident district, a Student Attendance Agreement (FP-14) must be completed by the district of residence and the district of choice in order for the out-of-district student to be considered an eligible transportee.

If no agreement is in place, the parent or guardian is responsible for all transportation costs.

The student attendance agreement (FP-14) must be approved by the board of trustees of both the district of residence and the district of attendance, and signed by the parent/guardian.  If the attendance agreement includes transportation, either district may provide bus transportation or a pupil transportation contract, but not both.  Two copies of the agreement are returned to the school district and one is forwarded to the parent/guardian. (ARM 10.7.106A)

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