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Monday, March 24, 2014, 9:51 am

April is a busy month for school elections!  Please pay careful attention to these upcoming election deadlines:

  • Thursday, March 27th:  Trustees must pass a resolution calling for an election.  The resolution must include the date of the election, the purpose of the election, the polling locations and the times the polls will be open.  Levy amounts may be set later (not less than 25 days prior to the election). 
  • Friday, March 28th:  The last day for trustee candidates to withdraw from an election (a statement of withdrawal must be sent to the election administrator).
  • Tuesday, April 1st:  The last day for districts to file resolutions for school election with the county election administrator.
  • Friday, April 4th:  The deadline to notify election judges of appointment.  Election judges are required to complete the training required in Title 13, must be registered voters in the county and district in which they serve, and must not have specific relationships with a candidate (see the School Election Manual for more information).
  • Sunday, April 6th through Wednesday, April 16th:  The window for posting election notice.  Notices must be published in a newspaper of general circulation, if there is one in the district, and in three public places in each ward/precinct.
  • Monday, April 7th:  Voter registration closes for school elections.
  • Monday, April 7th:  The first day to contact the county election administrator for the biennial absentee ballot list.  The list must be received by April 16th.
  • Thursday, April 10th, by 5 p.m.:  The deadline for write-in candidates to file a Declaration of Intent. 
  • Friday, April 11th:  The deadline for declaring an election by acclamation and cancellation of election if the number of candidates filing a nomination position or declaration of intent is less than or equal to the number of open trustee positions.  Notice must be given that the election will not be held.
  • Friday, April 11th:  The deadline to certify ballot(s).
  • Friday, April 11th through Monday, April 21st:  The window to send out mail ballots.  All ballots must be mailed the same day.
  • Wednesday, April 16th:  The deadline to mail absentee ballots.

The School Election Calendar and Election Manual are located on the OPI website at the following link:  CLICK HERE

For more information, contact Nicole Thuotte, (406) 444-4524