School Finance


Sunday, September 29, 2013, 11:26 am

Reminder:  All out-of-district students must have a fully completed attendance agreement on file with the District of Choice/Attendance.  Students without signed attendance agreements are not considered “enrolled” in the district and are not eligible to be counted for ANB.  To be eligible for ANB, the FP-14 form must be initiated and signed by the proper agent (the parent/guardian or District of Residence – Section I) and signed by BOTH the board chair of District of Choice/Attendance and the District of Residence (Section IV). 

If the District of Choice charges tuition, the approval of the District of Residence is required.  If no tuition is charged, the District of Residence simply acknowledges the agreement.  Again, the tuition agreement is not valid without the signatures of both the District of Choice/Attendance and the District of Residence.

For more information, contact Nicole Thuotte, (406) 444-4524