School Finance

FY2009-10 Career & Technical Education (CTE) Expenditures

Friday, October 1, 2010, 11:25 am

One of the factors used by the OPI to allocate state CTE funds is CTE expenditures reported on the Trustees Financial Summary (TFS).  Expenditures in the General Fund (01) with program code 39X and object codes 3XX - 8XX are used in the allocation formula.

FY2009-10 TFS expenditure data affects the FY2011-12 allocation of state CTE funds.  School districts that receive state CTE funds are encouraged to review their FY2009-10 TFS report to ensure CTE expenditures are accurate.

Please note that having expenditures for CTE in the general fund will increase your CTE allocation only slightly.  To review some of the possible outcomes, you might consider reviewing the prior year payment details listed at /pdf/Payments/10FinalVoEdStPaymentLE.pdf to determine the effect adjusting your TFS expenditure would have.

For more information, contact Rebecca Phillips, (406) 444-0783