School Finance

Montana Youth Challenge (MYC) Students

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 9:39 am

A school district may claim one-half time enrollment under certain conditions for youth who are residents of the district and who attend the Montana Youth Challenge (MYC) program.  A school district may include a student attending the MYC program in its ANB count if:

The school district has entered into an interlocal cooperative agreement with the MYC program; and

The interlocal agreement complies with Title 7, chapter 11, part 1 of Montana Code Annotated (MCA; and

The student is enrolled in a public school in the student's district of residence; and

The credits taken at the MYC program are approved by the resident school district; and

The credits meet the resident district's requirement for graduation at a school in the district; and

The credits are taught by an instructor who has a current and appropriate Montana high school certification; and

The credits are reported by the MYC program to the student's resident school district.

For more information, see 20-9-707 and 20-9-311(12), MCA.

For more information, contact Nica Merala, (406) 444-4401