School Finance

Trustees' Organization Meeting Reminder

Monday, May 3, 2010, 10:42 am

MCA 20-3-321 requires the trustees of each district shall annual organize as a governing board of the district after the regular election day and after the issuance of the election certificates to the newly elected trustees.  This meeting must be held no later than the third Saturday of May, which is May 15 this year.

MCA 20-20-416 requires a certificate of election must be issued to a newly elected trustee within 15 days of the election, which is May 19 this year.  However, in order to meet the statutory deadline for the annual organization meeting, election certificates must be issued by May 15.

Please ensure the annual organization meeting is scheduled between May 5 and May 15 to meet these requirements.

For more information, contact Adam Anfinson, (406) 444-4524