Department of Education Services

Professional Development Resources for Teachers and Leaders

Friday, September 28, 2012, 2:16 pm
Success at the Core (SaC) is a free set of online professional learning materials for educators. It contains 47 documentary-quality videos, as well as downloadable materials and multimedia presentations that show how collaborative leadership teams operate and what effective classroom instruction looks like. Schools using SaC over time report a growth in leadership, improved professional culture, stronger instructional focus, and increased student engagement.

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen was the force behind SaC. He asked his film company, Vulcan Products, how media could be used to make a difference in education. Vulcan Products teamed with the Education Development Center to create an online training program that supports improvement in instruction and school leadership, two factors that most impact student achievement. This was accomplished and is now free to use. Check it out at

For more information, contact Steve York, 406.444.4434