Educational Opportunity and Equity Division

Schoolwide Program Plans

Monday, February 4, 2013, 11:52 am

ESEA/NCLB requires that all schools operating a schoolwide Title I program update that plan yearly. This review must contain an evaluation of the previous plan in addition to any changes that will be made. Each school is required to have a plan review team consisting of district and school administration, teachers, and parents (not employed by the district or school). In previous years, this update has been completed on paper or through a section of the 5-Year Continuous School Improvement Plan or the new Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP).

Beginning in mid to late February 2013, the Montana Office of Public Instruction will launch an electronic version of the Schoolwide Program Plan. This new format will allow districts and schools greater ease in updating existing plans and entering new ones.

Districts with schools operating existing programs will have until November 29, 2013, to update those plans. To access the electronic format, districts will enter through the CSIP.  The start date of the plan will be July 1, 2013, even if the revised plan is not completed until the final due date.  The end date of all plans will be June 30, of the succeeding year.  Districts which will have schools operating new programs will first complete a paper copy of the planning template located at the following link:  and mailed to the OPI. After OPI review, the district may then enter the plan electronically.  New plans will have an effective start date of July 1, of the following year.  For more information on starting a schoolwide plan, please refer to the previous link.

Even though the plan from the preceding year will move forward, each school will need to update their schoolwide program plan.  Please note, however, that after three years, the school will have to revise the complete plan as the previous plan will not carry forward.  Districts will be able to view the prior plan in read-only mode. An email will be sent out to all districts and stakeholders when the schoolwide program plan opens. If you have questions, please contact the Title I office.

For more information, contact Jack O'Connor, 406-444-3083