Educational Opportunity and Equity Division

Grants to Title I SIG Tier III Schools

Friday, September 28, 2012, 4:05 pm

The Federal Formula and Discretionary Grants Unit has recently approved a total of approximately $1.5 million in continuation Title I SIG grants for Cohort 2 Tier III schools.  These schools are not required to implement any specific reform model, but must submit a plan for improvement and budget narrative for how funds will be spent.  These schools are:  Lame Deer K-6, Frazer K-6 and 7-8, Ashland K-6 and 7-8, and Wyola K-6 and 7-8.  These were the priority Tier III schools last year and were funded again for one more year for School Improvement Grants (SIG) under Section 1003(g) of ESEA, Title I, Part A.  One additional school supported with these funds is Lame Deer 7-8 which is a Tier I school implementing the Transformational Reform Model along with Lame Deer High School which is part of SIG Cohort 1.

For more information, contact Jack O'Connor, 406-444-3083