Content Standards and Instruction

A New Team at the Office of Public Instruction

Thursday, August 30, 2012, 2:58 pm

A New Team at the Office of Public Instruction

In order to better serve districts as they review and revisecurriculum that is aligned to the Montana content standards, a new division has been organized at the OPI. We hope you will look to this team for guidance,resources, and information about all content area standards as we work toward ensuring that all Montana students are college and career ready. The new Content Standards and Instruction (CSI) Team members:

· Jael Prezeau, Director of Content Standards and Instruction,, 444-3128

· Terri Barclay, Early Grades Instructional Coordinator,, 444-0753

· Colet Bartow,Library-Information Literacy Instructional Coordinator, , 444-3583

· Kristen Crawford,Science Instructional Coordinator, , 444-3557

· Cynthia Green,English Language Arts/Literacy Instructional Coordinator, , 444-0729

· Jean Howard,Mathematics Instructional Coordinator, , 444-0706

· Sheri Harlow,Administrative Specialist, , 444-9864

The CSI Team has compiled materials, webinars, and resources designed to help make a smooth transition to the new Montana Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. The OPI is sponsoring several professional development opportunities to assist in implementation of these new standards throughout the fall, so please refer to the web page frequently for updates. Please click here to explore the Montana Common Core web page.  In addition, the CSI Team is coordinating the Montana STEM Initiative, Next Generation Science Standards review, Math-Science Partnership Grants and GEAR Up grants.  Please sign up to receive the Content Standards Informer Newsletter each month from the OPI Home page.  Please click here to sign up for the CSI Newsletter.

We hope that you will contact us with your Content Standards and Instruction questions, needs, and ideas. 

For more information, contact Jael Prezeau, 406-444-3128