Accreditation and Educator Preparation

Additional technical assistance for TEAMS

Monday, February 24, 2014, 9:37 am

With the TEAMS deadline extension to midnight March 14, 2014, the TEAMS staff will continue to provide technical assistance to schools.  The TEAMS Manual is available on the TEAMS website, as well as numerous short videos on specific tasks.  In addition, the recorded Adobe Connect Question and Answer sessions are avaialble for viewing.

On Friday, February 21, the TEAMS staff sent an invitation to all TEAMS users to participate in additional Adobe Connect sessions.  On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, a special TEAMS 101 session will be presented for schools that are just beginning to input data to the Teacher/Class screen.  On Wednesday afternoon, February 26, from 1-4 pm, the staff will provide a session that will focus on specific issues on a timed schedule so that users can tune in for only the topics they need to view.  This type of session will be repeated on Thursday morning, February 27, from 8-11 am.

Each of these sessions will be available for viewing on the TEAMS website after the sessions have aired.  The link for the session schedule and all other technical assistance is at

For more information, contact Teri Wing, 406-444-4436