K-12 Course Code Selection

Friday, May 31, 2013, 2:21 pm

As schools are mapping their courses to the Montana K-12 Course codes there are two important courses that are changes or additions and should be noted.

73001 (Prior to Secondary) or 23001 (Secondary) Technology for Classroom and Personal Use. In Technology for Classroom and Personal Use courses students acquire knowledge of and experience in the proper, efficient and safe use of a variety of digital tools, i.e., computer, iPad, Smart Board and other emerging technologies to gather, organize and present data. Students learn the basic use of word processing, spreadsheet and digital presentation tools for classroom and personal use. Technology for classroom and personal use courses address the K-12 Content Standards for Technology. Such courses may be taught by teachers with any endorsement at the proper level. Technology for classroom and personal use are NOT approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.

In the past this content may have been taught in a course called Computer Applications, which could be taught by any licensed teacher at the proper level.  The Computer Applications course is now a CTE course and requires that the teacher have a Computer Science or Business Education license.

 58018    (Prior to Secondary) Structured Recess.  Structured recess is a planned and actively supervised break from regular instruction during the school day. All students on the school grounds engage in organized “play” or games that emphasize turn taking, helpfulness, rule following, and emotional control. Structured recess must be supervised either by a licensed teacher who is the teacher of record, or an instructional paraprofessional who is a co-teacher under the direction of a licensed teacher.

Schools that use Structured Recess as part of their aggregate hours for accreditation must have written lesson plans and submit these plans to the Office of Public Instruction upon request.

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