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Montana Association of Teachers of English Language Arts/MATELA
An affiliate of NCTE National Council of Teachers of English 1111W. Kenyon Road, Urbana, Illinois 61801-1096
Most officers in MATELA serve terms of one year. The constitution and by-laws of MATELA describe the responsibilities of these officers. Most of these officers would welcome inquiries by phone or by e-mail.
Current Officers
MATELA Board Directory 2013-2014
Executive Officers:

Curtis W. Bobbitt

First Vice President/Conference Chair &
Signatures from Big Sky Liaison

Caitlin Chiller

Second Vice President/Membership
Brenda Lamb

Indian Education for All Liaison &
NCTE Achievement Awards in
Writing State Coordinator

Dorothea (Dottie) Susag

Dawn Sievers

Immediate Past President

Donna Miller

Board Member Emerita

Janice Clinard


Caitlin and Curt
MATELA Past Presidents
2011-2012 Donna Miller
2010-2011 Becky Cox
2010-2011 Mary Ann Connors
2008-09 Kelly Haverlandt
2007-08 Joyce Herbeck
2006-07 Ivanna Fritz
2005-06 Norma Mackenzie
2004-05 Jean O'Connor
2003-04 Nancy Widdicombe
2002-03 Kathy Holt
2001-02 Anna Baldwin
2000-01 Jackie Mink
1999-2000 Steve Tull
1998-99 Donna Miller
1997-98 Rich Thompson
1996-97 Dorothea Susag
1995-96 Melinda Bollinger
1994-95 Katy Paynich
1993-94 Carol Wilbur
1992-93 Sharon Beehler
1991-92 Mary Sheehy Moe
1990-91 Carol Wilbur

NCTE Achievement Awards in Writing
Dorothea Susag
561 4th Lane NE
Fairfield, Montana 59436

NCTE Promising Young Writers
Dawn Sievers
420 Central, Box 402
Power, MT 59487

NCTE Program to Recognize Excellence in
Student Literary Magazines
Cindy Osland

MATELA Distinguished Educator Award
Donna Miller
Box 1405
Chinook, MT 59523

NCTE Liaison
University of Montana
Beverly Chin
4855 Scott Allen Drive
Missoula Montana 59803

Kathy Holt
200 Quiet Water
Billings, MT 59105

University of Great Falls
Curt Bobbitt
3009 7th Avenue North
Great Falls, Montana 59401

Joyce Herbeck
3371 Prairie Smoke Road
Bozeman, Montana 59715

South Western
South Eastern

North Central
Dorothea Susag
561 4th Lane
Fairfield, Montana 59436

West Central
Governing Members
Donna Miller
Box 1405
Chinook, Montana 59523

Promoting literacy for all learners.
The Montana Association of Teachers of English Language Arts promotes the teaching
and learning of English and the language arts at all levels of education.
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