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Provides all information necessary for you to apply for a new Montana Educator License, renew your existing Montana Educator License, or reinstate your lapsed Montana license.
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  1. questionStudent Loan Forgiveness Programs
    I am a first year teacher and I just read about Student Loan Forgiveness Programs. Can you tell me more about the program? Teacher Cancellation Loan for Direct Subsidized Loans, Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans, and Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans, Teacher Cancel ...
  2. questionWhat is the average teacher's salary in the state of Montana?
    Teacher salaries are determined by local school districts through locally developed bargaining procedures. Some salary information may be available from the Montana Education Association, 1232 East Sixth Avenue, Helena, Montana 59601 (406) 442-4250.
  3. questionFolio Number?
    The state recently changed the "Folio Number" to "SEID" To find your SEID number, logon to our web site: or click on: Fill in appropriate information and your licence information will be visible, includin ...
  4. questionTeacher retirement
    The Montana Teacher Retirement System is not adminstered by the Office of Public Instruction. Information about teacher's retirement is at the Teacher's Retirement System. Contact TRS at: 1500 Sixth Avenue P. O. Box 200139 Helena MT 59620-0139 Phone: 406/444-3134 Web site: ...
  5. questionHow is the Montana Teacher Retirement System structured?
    The Montana Teacher Retirement System is not adminstered by the Office of Public Instruction. Information about teacher's retirement is at the Teacher's Retirement System. Contact TRS at: 1500 Sixth Avenue P. O. Box 200139 Helena MT 59620-0139 Phone: 406/444-3134 Web site: ...
  6. questionPreschool Teacher Qualifications - Head Start
    What are the current requirements for Head Start teacher qualifications? Each Head Start classroom in center-based programs must have a teacher who has at least one of the following qualifications: 1. A Child Development Associate (CDA) credential that is appropriate to the age of the childr ...
  7. questionWhat test does Montana require for educator licensure?
    Testing is not required for "LICENSURE" in Montana. However, you may be required to complete testing as part of your college program before they can recommend you for Montana licensure. Please contact your college or university Licensure Official for more information
  8. questionGet the results of a Back Ground Check
    In order for us to share your background results, we need you to complete a redissemination form which gives us your written permission to share your fingerprint results. You can find this form on our website at
  9. questionHow do I add an endorsement to my license?
    To add an endorsement to a Montana License, you must complete the equivalent of a teaching major or minor from an NCATE or state approved college or university. The coursework requirements for an additional endorsement on your license are generally either: a. at least 40 semester credits in an e ...
  10. questionChange of name
    I was recently married. How do I change my name on my license? Please logon to our website at: http:// /Cert/Index.html Click on the "I want a new license" link in the bar to the left of the page:
  11. questionHow do I apply for renewal credit?
    Please see information under "Renewals" at http:// /Cert/Index.html
  12. questionRevocation of Teacher's license
    What is the process for revoking a teaching certificate in Montana? Can you give me examples of cases where this has occurred? Montana law provides the process by which an educator's certificate may be revoked or suspended. The specific Montana statute addressing this issue is reproduced in its ...
  13. questionDuplicate licenses
    How do I get a copy of my teaching/administrative/specialist license? You may obtain a duplicate license by logging on to the Educator Licensure web page at On the left hand side, scroll down until you get to "Duplicate License" ((in Related Links box). You will have two ...
  14. questionHow Can I Add a Special Education Endorsement to my Existing License?
    What programs are available to help me add the special ed endorsement to my license? Contact the OPI Special Education Endorsement Project through MSU-Billings at 406-657-2097. Participation in that program will allow you to be assigned as a Special Education teacher while completing the require ...
  15. questionTB test requirement
    Does Montana require a TB skin test to renew your teaching license? No - teachers are no longer required to have a physical or a TB skin test for licensure purposes.
  16. questionCan a non-citizen be certified?
    Can a non-citizen be certified as an educator in Montana? Yes, if he or she qualifies and meets the educational requirements for licensure. The qualifications for licensure are stated in Section 20-4-104, Mont. Code Ann. which is reproduced in its entirety below. 20-4-104. Qualifications. (1) A ...
  17. questionRemove teaching endorsement
    Can I drop an endorsement from my license anytime? Per Montana Adminstrative Rule - section 10.57.301(9): "An endorsement may be dropped from a teaching license at the end of the valid term of the license if minimum licensure requirements (major and minor or extended major) are met without that ...
  18. questionEarliest date for renewal
    When is the earliest date I can renew my educator license? You can renew the license any time after January 1st of the year it expires.
  19. questionQuarter Hours to Semester Hours Conversion
    How do you convert quarter hours to semester hours? One quarter credit is equal to 2/3 of a semester credit. Six quarter credits is equivalent to four semester credits.
  20. questionHighly Qualified Teacher
    How do I determine if I am "highly qualified" teacher? The most current information is posted on the Federal Programs page: For the most accurate, up-to-date information, please refer to the information posted on Web page. http://www.opi ...
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